Saturday, July 28, 2012


well' i'm not here for complaining but i'm so upset that i can't earn any from nuffnang. something goes wrong with my blog or what? i got no idea.

now i'm trying to blog everyday as exam is around the corner. gonna study very hard! promise myself not going to be the second-last anymore!

going to man. city's training this sunday. EXCITED! honestly, i don't really like them much. cause i'm on chealsea team. i support chealsea. and of course, MU is their enemy. MU, Man. United. i dont like MAN MAN. so just go for fun as my father got us the tix.

btw, thanks for your vote on adidas originals! thanks so much although im not the first 20. lol

 last, Olympic Games is begins in London! so, support malaysia team by clicking ! 

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