Sunday, July 29, 2012


headed to mid valley this evening. it was super jam around the area don't know why. well, we went there for nothing. thought of buying something but came up eating eating and eating! no wonder i'm getting fatter. +.+ but how? i need foods, foods need me, we are having a serious relationship! you can't tear us apart! lolll

first i took duck rice somewhere at kuchai. then eaten burger king right after arrived. we choosen burger king because they are having their promotion! just only 5.95 along with drinks and french fries!

burgers offered:
Whopper Jr. , Mushroom Swiss, Spicy chick N crisp and Grilled chicken.
*limited time only *comes with medium set

next, we had snowflake as our dessert. good news is they have bring you a new addition to the Snowflake dessert family-Ocha'ryo!

it's a perfect combination of premium green tea, black sesame, azuki red bean and baby pearl. so i've decided to have a try, taste something different. we ordered Ocha'ryo and sea amber jelly cause my sister never tried them before. Ocha'ryo is so so for me since i'm not a greentea lover. it's worth to try for those who loves green tea. for sea amber jelly, it's nice! really!

last ootd!

tops from style me BK and high waist pants from BK too

bye! have to go for dinner! hope you enjoy it!

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