Monday, July 23, 2012

Be Part Of Adidas Insiders

lately, i found out something cool about Adidas. and yes, it is ADIDAS INSIDER. 
are you all in?

so let's see what's adidas insiders.

adidas Insiders is a private online community designed to connect young adidas fans to each other and to the adidas brand. If you are between the ages of 14-19, and this community sounds like the place for you.

As an adidas Insider, you will get the chance to influence the future of adidas!
  • Be the first to see selected new shoes, apparel, gear and accessories
  • Rate and review our design ideas - and get creative and submit your own
  • Interact with key members of the adidas team in discussion boards and live chats
  • Have opportunities to win awesome prizes and test unreleased adidas merchandise
  • Meet other adidas fans from around the world!

Joining is free, participation is fun, and your opinion is valued... so what are you waiting for?! You'll get the first look at some of our gear and the chance to win some wild prizes.

first, log on to this website, then, click the all in button to answer a few easy questions.If you qualify to be an adidas Insider, you'll be asked to create a username/password and then to activate your account via the email address you provide.

PS. If you want to invite your friends, don't give them the link you see in your browser bar, give them this link:

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