Saturday, January 31, 2015

Simple yet tasty!

This post is gonna be short. so lets begin! Have you heard of Teh Tarik? I bet you do if you're a malaysian! So, how bout Teh Tarik Place? It is basically an upgraded local mamak stall which malaysian usually head there for simple local food or drinks like milo, teh tarik, kopi o, nasi lemak, mee goreng.... and more!!! It just like a local mamak! so cool! 

 They have unique kind of decoration that looks so malaysia! simple and typical ambience. 

Ordered Milo kosong fro myself , teh ais limau for bro and also teh si kosong for dad (if im not mistaken)

Plus food and beverage there aren't expensive at all! It's worth to check out or spend time with colleagues or friends!

for more inquiry kindly visit their page on Facebook and also Official website :)

And here comes kids and sweet tooth's fav - DONUTS!!!!Speaking of donut, i used to eat it with sugar topped on it only. means no colourful decorations, no drawings, no unique flavours... But now, everything changes right? TV changes from bnw into UHD! Keypad changes into touched-screen! Anyway, Donuts from Big Apple will still be my one-of-the-fav! It has many choices, unique flavours and fun designs! Thanks Pey Pey who bought this for my family :) hehe. thanks so much! was so paiseh as she keeps treating me food!

Starting with top left to right. 
Pink Twister - The combination of strawberry and chocolate 
Wakeup Wally - Crunchy outside while soft inside!
The Alien - Chocolate dip and filling inside out 
Ono Oreo - Obviously, it's all about oreo! ( one of my fav! )
Chocoholic - Double boost of chocolate for those who love chocolate!
Milky Way - Complementing flavours collide with tea or cheese

Big Apple has branches at most of the shopping complex. Be sure to like them on Facebook and visit their official website for more inquiry!

Last, my #whatiwaswearing #ootd

Denim jacket - Denim 
Top - I love selfie
Legging - Zara

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