Thursday, January 22, 2015

Awesome crew!

thanks Le Moon's for the cookies as christmas present! nice cookies!! :)

nononono. hehe. this post isn't about my new year resolution. its gonna be random 'footage' i caught when i was working. lol. it was taken since not long ago. you know, in december. anyway, i'm gonna share you something about my time of being a waitress/barista (i'm still working as a part timer now) since this a post about Le Moon's.

It's been a year I've been working at Le Moon's. These are the reasons why i don't want to leave
1. Funny staffs
2. Limitless knowledges (barista, waitress, PR, fine dining, events, parties...)
3. Nice bosses
4. it nears my place
5. it's related to my 'future job'
6. kill time 
7. keep fit
blah blah blah ...

it's really fun to work there and i feel stress-free whenever being right there. i can say it as euphoria :) I love to selfie with the staffs cause it's fun! of course i get to know lots of people there including staffs and customers. plus its also fun to make arts on coffee too!! 

there's also few things Le Moon's does to keep the restaurant 'updated' and also fresh! 
1. Decorations
2. Menus 
3. Special function 

Please don't even underestimated their decorations as those are hand-made by lovely Le Moon's team! so basically, some of the time were used to make crafts....Oh ya! those drawings on cake boxes you've taken away were also drawn by our lovely staffs! how sweet is it <3

I can say it's the place for creativity! and i just love it! i don't care! 

 2 cute newbies, Zi Qi and Jau Yiing !

 Barista, John and Runner/Waiter, Kit!

 the DARLIE, Hasan!

That's... US...hehe

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