Sunday, March 31, 2013

Last Day In Singapore

yesterday was our last day staying in Singapore. It was pretty sad knowing i'm gonna leave here this evening.  super sad.

we off to Marina Bay Sands yesterday right after our brunch. I love that place because it's full of artistic sense and the scenery is breathtaking! Luckily we had brought camera or else we couldn't snap up the awesomeness of Marina Bay Sands.
 on the way to the shoppes of marina bay sands, we kept on taking photos, camwhoring....
to avoid getting regret, we took as much photos as we can. so we let Kelvin to be our photographer and tourist guide on that day. And he did took a lot of pictures of us.
i feel so thankful, cause he took great pictures! 

He could be a photographer in the future. i'm serious! 

we had loads of fun during our way to BUGIS!
We've named us as "lap cheong group" and my sis+me non-stop teasing kelvinby making weirdly noises, crapping, act stupid, talking continuously...
he pissed off and he told us not to talk anymore.
I knew we were such a thorn in a flesh but it was just for fun.
No one wants their 'last day" to be boring, right?

time flies fast, it was dinner time.
we had our last Singapore dinner around Bugis. 
we headed to a shop which sells different kind of icy desserts.

 and sorry for not posting up the durian flavour one. I've lost it. maybe i accidentally deleted it. :(

 kelvin ordered Original Milk Flavour.

 I ordered Mango Passion Fruit Flavour.

mango and milk!

to me the nicest one was DURIAN. 
2nd: Mango and passion
3rd: Milk

All of them were NICE actually.  
Basically, you can taste the REAL FRUIT if you ordered those fruit flavour one. you can taste the REAL durian if you ordered durian flavour. For milk flavour, it had green tea ball. 
Honestly i dont really like the green tea ball, mainly because i'm not a green-tea fan. lolllll
But if you are, please try it! You can taste the REAL green-tea in it!

SIce it was the last day in singapore, we decided to watched movie till 1 something and then off to east coast beach at 2 or 3 in the morning. That's why I'm here now blogging at this time. 
'The Host' was awesome!!! the main characters are super duper pretty and handsome!!
and hell yes we watched it at The Shaw theater AGAIN. but not in the huge room lah.
We took a lil rest before off to beach by watching dramas at home.
afterward, we continued our "night  life" at East Coast.
I love the atmosphere at there. because there was quiet and i could felt peaceful right there. PARADISE!
Surprisingly, there were A LOT of people right there!
i think they were having some kind of marathon there.
actually, i was quite sleepy and my head was so heavy when we were on our way to the beach. I was so lame... so i slept a lil while at the bench so that i could fill up my battery.
And i promise i'll be back and camp right there someday!!! BBQ is alright for me too! lollll

I bet you're probably wondering when i got back home right now.
yeah...i JUST got back from there maybe like ten mins ago.
Generally i won't blog at THIS time so now i'm kind of dizzy and my eyes are half-opened.
How pathetic i am...

Last but not least, lemme show you some photos that we've taken yesterday.

 BUGIS night!

 miss here so bad!

 her selca picture is on my blog!

We're so gonna miss you Singapore!

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