Sunday, March 10, 2013


woke up early for breakfast at Marco Polo.
It costed pretty costly though.
We took the buffet so we could eat more kinds of food.
Ok. i don't really know what am i supposed to say.

Gonna show you some photos. in case you REALLY dont know what the hell i'm talking bout.

and sorry for not posting foods photos up. :( busy eating. lolllllll

However, i got something FUN and FATTY here.

Tomorrow will be the first day of test. History and English.
Well, I'm not a person who can really sit still to study.
I'll walk here and there or watch tv while studying.
So i choosed CANDY instead.

 see! so many candies right?! Guess i've already gained some weight and fats!!!

so many books! i study on my bed. 

Hope i can get a good score. :x

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