Thursday, March 21, 2013

1st Anniversary In SMJK Yu Hua

Oh yeah! Yesterday was my 1st Anniversary in SMJK Yu Hua!
Couldn't belief that i've already study there for a year!
Still remember that i was a new student last year and i didn't know where was the restroom, canteen, lab. not even my own class! Haha! I also lost for a few minutes on my FIRST DAY.

I admitted that i used to hate that school last year.
But now, i've changed!
I can tell you how much i LOVEloveLOVEloveLOVElove this school!

I still remember that the same day of last year, my stomach ached suddenly.
unexpectedly, it was not normal! it was pain like hell!
And i almost fainted that time.
However, i couldn't find anyone to send me home. plus, i really didn't felt any well, i just felt so sick! wanna vomit as well!
Although i was new, but a girl who sits next to me willing to help me!
I was so surprised that she would help a damsel in distress who she wasn't even know much!
She's so helpful. she immediately called her mom and asked her to send me back right away.
It was a though time to me!
My hands were trembling, kept having cold sweats, head felt heavy, and dizzy that moment...
I was so thankful and grateful to her as well as her mom.
Without their helping hands, i'd probably be collapsed.
Thank you!!!
And now, she's one of my best friend. We treat each other BAD every single day!
She's still sitting next to me this year. I HATE her. kiddin..

It was her who helped me when i'm suffering. 

I just can't stop loving our school and my peeps!
They're part of my life. 
I'll never forget them!



  1. Baga, the pic of yiewen and shykee leh? Why this so touching ah, u knw i will cry de leh

    1. oh really? i dont think you would cry just by that. you're so LAME! lolll!