Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hello! I'm now in Singapore!
Just arrived here at dawn.
The trip to Singapore is pretty far away. It was a pain in the ass.
Luckily, that vehicle we took provided a comfortable seat.
Or else today i'd be slept till evening.

The first place we headed will be definitely BUGIS.
Cause it's the place where the young one gather and shop!
But as far as i know, it seems like everyplace or shopping centre in singapore are full of young, wild, free teenagers!
Well, the clothes and accessories right there are considered as FREAKING CHEAP!
I mean the complex which located in BUGIS STREET.
Most of them costs 10$-50$ !!!
Actually for people who are not living in there might feel a lil expensive due to the different of money "values".
but to me, we'd have save a lot if we live in Singapore.
Their transport systems already be the reasons why you're not willing to leave!
I super love their buses, taxis, MRT and LRT!!! Car is definitely unnecessary in Singapore AT ALL i tell you!
By that, you can already travel whole singapore. i think...

Actually, i saw many NICE clothes at BUGIS. 
Compare to other country, there are considered as THE-FASHION-ONE.
It probably because of the teenagers. 
From that moment on, I've listed Singapore as my SHOPPING PARADISE or the next country i should visit with peeps in the future.

Next, there is some nice beverage that i think i should recommend you guys.
and it is KOI!!!
Well, Koi Cafe is the best bubble tea shop in Singapore!
And obviously, this is my first drink in there! it satisfied me.
At first i dont know what was goin on right in front of the shop. Cause it had a long queue. I thought they were queuing for free foods or just simply waiting to cross the road.  lollllll
Then only i know that they were queuing for milk tea or other drinks that served in KOI.
which drink that i ordered was their PEARL MILK TEA.
OMG! i love the way it tasted!
It was not too sweet and the pearls were so chewy!!! It just totally met my requirements!

my sister ordered mocha-chino. 

Both of them were nice! Don't mind to taste it again! XP

Last photo session!

Cube game?

 Kelvin! My tourist guide!

I love Singapore!