Friday, March 29, 2013


Tomorrow's gonna be my last day.
To be honest, i've got no idea how am i gonna face it as i've already stayed here for almost 7 days. but sorry, i just can't get enough...
It's going to be a tough time for me to spend in singapore from now on. *time is ticking*

finally we've got the chance to swim in singapore! yeah. it was exhausted! But totally worth it!
then we headed to Orchard again and i had bought a kenzo jumper at scape.
At the mean time, my sister was in a bad mood dont know why.
I mean our, girls would feel down in a sudden without knowing why, right? and so am i.
so she just cried suddenly. 
we were like "omg! what should we do?? she's crying!!! why is she crying?"
however, she turned to be happy right after we ate an icy stuff! see, that's how a dessert works!

After the lunch time, we straight away went for movies at Shaw Theater!
and we chosed GI Joe as the movie of the day!
Moreover, their popcorn was super huge in size. i mean the portion lah. extremely BIG i tell you!

As usual, camwhoring while waiting for the movie.

Amazingly, that theater was HUGE! they had a BIG screen and comfortable seats! Plus, they started the movies in time! Singaporeans are so punctual! their bus, rail...arrived on schedule! proud of them!
Btw, I enjoyed watching GI JOE!

last but not least, out fit of the day.

Sleeveless London Boy from Far East
Studded shorts from F21
Studded kicks from naked kimchi

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