Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Badminton after school

What a tired day!
Off to play badminton right after school. The weather was super duper extremely HOT than before!
Couldn't stand the hotness! Guess i'd used up even more of oxygen and power. 

Unfortunately, this is the last day Kelvin would be staying in Malaysia. So sad!
So i had to go or play hard no matter what.
Something that impressed me was the group beside us was damn awesome!
They are way older than us but they play HARD! seriously!
Should've given them a round of applause! *claps*

Later, we kept on taking selca pic in the car while waiting for my bro.

Btw, I felt pretty sad bout my results. I was disappointed by that.
Cause i get the lowest mark in my class for my BC. Blame it on me.
I accept the fact and thankfully i didn't cried. such a tough me. 
I think i would be the last place in the term's test.

Haha. just forget bout it and fucking move on! 

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