Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tasty Singapore!

This post will be all about FOODS! so if you're a food-lover, please continue READ IT!

One thing i don't really like about food post is: I will be craving for the foods i mention about!
WHY do humans need foods??? i wonder why we have thousands or millions of taste buds over our tongues! It just feel wrong or terrible for not eating!
That's why I always eat no matter where i go or what time is it.

The first recommendation is...

"Highly regarded as one of the best bakers in the world,French maestro Eric Kayser opens his first Maison Kayser outlet in Singapore. The bakery at Scotts Square has a pleasant cafe area where you can enjoy freshly baked French pastries and tarts with coffee or tea. Maison Kayser is a French bakery which serves french breads, pastries, desserts and breakfast menu. All of Maison Kayser breads are kneaded, shaped and baked fresh each day in the baking rooms of the bakery."

Maison Kayser's Pain Au Chocolat is my favourite among all of them!

I've tried their croissant and baguette before and surprisingly, they tasted so GOOD!
Considered as the NICEST pastry i EVER had!!!
Seriously, their textures are different than others. or you can say it as UNIQUE.

The baguette is beautiful and deeply flavored, with a crisp crust that is not as thick as some, and an interior texture that is fairly uniform and a bit soft. 
The croissant is excellent, crunchy on the outside, though bigger. 
Most importantly, their pastries are not overly sweet especially those with chocolate!

find their branch at Orchard Road!

Location: Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road #B1-09, Orchard

Second is...
Royce's Champagne Nama Chocolate!

Over the years, ROYCE’ grew from Hokkaido’s best-kept secret to an international phenomenon. Demand overflowed as people from all over the world fell in love with our uniquely fresh chocolates. ROYCE’ is committed to preserving first-rate quality as it continues to extend its delicious offerings to chocolate lovers all across the world.

Hopefully you guys know what is it. Nama Chocolate is the BEST-SELLER among all of the royce's.
Champagne Nama Chocolate is the BEST in Nama series for me.
Cause it doesn't taste too sweet but more like bitter-sweet.
I don't really like chocolate that is too sweet. It probably would make me feel so sick.
 Champagne Nama Chocolate could be the NICEST CHOCOLATE on my list.
No lying, it really taste so good.
it taste just so right and it definitely will melts your heart down!!!!

 so thoughtful that they prepare you a  thing that looks like a spoon??

 it has champagne! but not strong enough to make you drunk ok?! lolllll

The last one...
GLACEAU's Vitamin Water!!!

"Glaceau vitamin water is a subsidiary of Coca Cola that is privately owned. It's also sometimes known as Energy Brands. Glaceau vitamin water is touted as a healthy alternative drink. Vitaminwater was targeted primarily at adults. With fewer calories than soda, the company states that the drink both hydrates consumers and provides nutrients they are likely to be missing"

So basically I just bring it whenever i go for gym or beach in singapore.
I saw this before but it doesn't sell in Malaysia. wtf!
But now, i could have a taste of it! I'm so glad!
Honestly, it doesn't taste that sweet yet it has a weird taste.

From the picture above:
Fruit Punch (Purple) : rich in vitamins B and potassium
orange-orange (Amber) : rich in vitamin C
Lemonade (Light blue) : 6 key nutrients from a-zinc

Well, it takes pretty hard to burn all the fats after consuming such high-calories' foods.
So WATER is importantly necessary to our body! But exercises are also needed to secrete the bad things out of our body.
 conclusion: water+exercises+healthy lifestyle+right foods in appropriate quantities = FIT & HEALTHY

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