Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wall's Double Dutch vs Haagen Dazs' Cookies&Cream

hey guys! As i mentioned before, i kinda in love with candies or sweet stuff during examination.
That's why i gained weight mostly when I'm having an exam or small test.
Stress makes me wanna swallow more sweet stuffs!
Practically, I've been addiced to ICE-CREAM recently.
They are just so COLD and YUMMEH!
My sister recommended me Wall's Selection Double Dutch.
Well, my sister is right! 
The combination of marshmallow, almond and choc chips are just way too perfect!
No one could beat them down i tell you!
And it was me who swallowed 2/3 of it. :x

 it costs like 11 bucks i think.

 the texture of the marshmallows will definitely SLICE YOU into PIECES. wtf

Next, it's Haagen-Dazs turns.
Guess everyone must have known or heard bout it...
It is a quite famous in this entire world right?
And yessss! I'm into their COOKIES&CREAM.
Most of you'll love it if you tried before. it's different than others because it has a smoother texture.
That's probably why it would be a lil costly.

My family is the big fan of haagen-dazs ice-cream.
So they finished it without asking me. :(
i only get to taste for a few spoon of cookies&cream. sad caseeeeeee...

Lastly,  still prefer Wall's Double Dutch. It has huge portion, perfect combination, and cheaper.

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