Tuesday, April 2, 2013


my shitty face after crying at the terminal!

Can't believe that I'm in Malaysia now. 
It's like you just "poof!" appear in your home like 1 sec ago! This feeling is terrible! I hate such feeling!
This is one of the reasons why i dont like travelling. I mean i LOVE travelling, whole globe is the best!
BUT, i can't stay at one place for too long. 
I'm an emotional person. I would cry very easily seriously.
Couldn't get over the days when we were in Singapore. sad...

Have to study very hard so that i could study in Singapore. that's my motivation to get a good result in SPM.
however, with my SUCK-LIKE-HELL's English, i think i should just forget bout it.

Kinda dilemma of getting an I4s or Samsung S3..
cause they all have their own beauties. Hard to chose which to buy.
You know, it's pretty hard to communicate with people, family, peeps, dudes without a phone that have different apps, messengers.... cause it costs you no money! all you need is WI-FI!
Fuck! i have no idea what i'm crapping bout. 
Fine! will be busy this month. cause exam is coming real soon!!!! I have to be well prepared!

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