Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Balloon Fiesta!

Since this is our last year, our class set up a photo shoot session.
well, we've done this like twice or thrice, but we just can't get enough.
mainly because it's our LAST year being together and we might not seeing each other again!
such incorrigibly pessimistic...

stole some photos over there. and hoping they dont mind at all...as i'm trying to 'sell' her out.
so if you're interested, pls call me. lollllll.....
I mean, if you're interested to use her as your photographer, 'I' would like to!

i super duper in love with this picture! they did a great jobb!

spot me!!

i know i look freaking ugly/ fugly right there! plastic surgery?

luckily i covered up my face. lollll! it doesn't mean that i dislike taking pictures, i just don't feel comfortable when people camera-ing me!

We really work hard on that thing. All of us did a great job! MODELS like us need to stay under the sun, striking different kinds of post, make sure the balloons are in our hands, be happy, be fun, be excited, be crazy.... loads of stuff need us to care bout! so that photographers could take lots of great photos! 
Last but not least, thanks for their cooperation, especially those monsters like me, else we won't be able to complete the task in a short time. :D 

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