Saturday, April 6, 2013

Show you off!

This week would be the BUSIEST week in April. Lots of activities and competitions held in this week and  it's prolly because they want to finish up those things before mid-year examination.

Well, I'm pretty sure that most of the students would be glad to skip classes... lollll
Friends of mine went for their netball competition during the whole week. So they tell me they feel kinda regret after absent for so many classes.
However, I'm pretty sad that i've got nothing to take part. cause this year would be my LAST year study in secondary school. And of course, i want to make it unforgettable. try my best lah.
I mean, try my best to act stupid, crazy and gross....?? wtf!

Honestly, all i wanna share tonight is the photos we've taken on the day before yesterday.
that means THURSDAY.

I was pretty glad that they didn't even realized i've taken loads of photos of them. 
NOW it's the time to show you off with THEIR photos!

 sorry for posting you up...

 is that really made from aluminium??


I feel so sorry for this actions. So sorry. forgive me, my friends. 
I just try to make us a memorable memory in form 5.....(what a lame excuse)
You can whack me in school if you want. I dont really mind.
Or you can take a trillion of photos of me in the future as the pay-back.

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