Saturday, June 25, 2011

Specs Specs Specs O-O

hehe! that's my new spec!

just bought a new spec from curve. hehe. O-O . is it nice? do i look like a nerd? yes! i do! but i love ittt! i'm planning to buy another one but doesn't look like that. it's like rectangle. hehe. i knew i knew. i knew i keep spent my money, buying those useless stuff! 

and i had promise myself not to surfing internet again. for 1 month. yup! you's very hard to keep your hands off your computer. seriously. and then every single time i pass by the computer, i'm like " nonono! get away from this monster! it will kills you once you touch it! ". haiz... what a tough promise! but i know i can do it! no matter what. so...count on me, people.

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