Sunday, November 30, 2014


Finally my event has over, now its the time to participant colleagues' events as its compulsory to attend at least 5 events per student. well, it's kinda fun actually. People thought that it was unnecessary for engineering students to know all this shit, in fact, they are important! Organising an event is harder than you thought. One need to learn how to look for sponsors, creating proposal, budget list, meetings.... and it's pretty tiring. well, at least I've done that before for experience sake. 

feel a lil relieved after the event! Glad that we finished it early. 

That was what going on these days...

Basically, that was just part of my life going on, there's more to go. Some of you might know that i love fashion!!! And i just can't get tired of it!!! that's one of the reasons why i love to read mag, instagram, Facebook, twitter.... i cam easily search for fashion item or inspiration on them. However, i'm gonna say no to shopping for few months as i have something big to achieve next year end, trust me, it's a surprise! 

One of my inspiration instagramer is 'ootdmagazine'. I often check out their insta just to look for inspiration. and it's bad sometimes, as I'll be craving for shopping! that's sux! 

next thing, youtube. it's something that tells you the trends. personally think it is nice to watch. The video is from @michellephan who does make up tutorial on youtube. Ahhhh! can update myself through video, that's just so great!

Been addicted to 'thinking out loud' by Ed Sheeran and also 'I'm not the only one' by Sam Smith. You can watch them here if you haven't heard about it before. :)

The moves they made are beautiful! bet it takes long time to practise! shhh... gonna make a cover of it. but not gonna record it. hahah just for fun.

You guys must be recognised him as he has such beautiful voice especially when singing sad songs. It's just way too emotional. I can't stop watching the mv as it's too sad.

after having tobasco...

I guess it's almost the end. gonna crash! 

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