Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Library

MOET! OMG! it was my first time ever tasting moet! 

Hey guys, it's been a long time huh? well, was kinda busy as i have test every Wednesday, work in weekends and couple events to attend. when i mention event, it also means entertainment, clubs and society after uni. excuses again. 

the latest event i attended was Justin's birthday. not going to categorise it as a party. but it was fun! i attended it because the old crew were attending as well!!! such a rare chance. plus, it was Justin's birthday!!!

well, he introduced me his friends and I'm happy to meet them. but was kinda awkward as i don't know any of them. waited KeeYee them to reach so that i could have someone to talk and get crazy to.

We straight went to mama beside the library to have some food before consuming liquor. (shh... i had a glass before eating as i was pretty bored and for knowing-friends purpose) lol

look how tall is their 'roti tissue'!!! cray man! it tasted quite nice tho. might visit there again in the future.

this is the real height of justin. don't be shocked! it's normal as i have almost the same height as him. lollll

i have no idea what is this, but i can tell that it has very high alcohol percentage. looks rad tho! watching the blue colour liquor flowing down to bottom with fire! didn't taste it as i was the driver for that night. gentle reminder: PLEASE DONT EVER DRINK N DRIVE!

 Justin was popping champagne! he was drunk but still conscious. 

a group photo! we are all from le moons! i am so happy and thankful to know them! nice and crazy people!

 put one finger in the air!

 look for my face. lol!

Happy Belated birthday, Justin 180! you are on my blog!! lol!

last but not least, my ootn!

Dress - H&M
Heels - H&M
Clutch - Michael Kors

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