Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Belated Birthday!

 welcome my gorgeous sister, phoebe!

Happy Belated birthday to my dear sister, phoebe! hope she won't get mad as her birthday was a week ago. loll. Basically, it was her 20th birthday and i was planned to give her a surprise dinner but kinda failed. nvm. at least i got to surprise her at le moon's! 

we actually celebrated at K-Korea BBQ at Mont Kiara Solaris. It was nice and full as its a buffet style bbq!!! eat all you can at on RM 45 per person!! you can kindly logon to their fb page or call them to know more. nice service and foods! we were super full! 

 look! she looks pretty even when she's eating! lol! 

sorry. should've taken photos with sis. lol as we were all dressed up so nicely.

 High-school's classmates came to visit her.

ex-staff at le moon's! never expect he would came with a rose, bear and

 groufie with sis and staff the other day!!

 Boh of them rushed from work to celebrate with my sister! lol! we went to three places that night! definitely will back to Setapak and try the 'yuet kuong ho' i mean 月光河 in cantonese. lol!!!

and also le moon's!!! Thank them for the birthday surprise! oh ya! one of the cake i bought was from Alexis, the Garden. In case you didn't know, they have the best tiramisu in town! the strawberry sauce, alcohol, coffee and pecans have the best combination ever when tasted it! it's totally worth it! and my sis loves it! glad she does!

Tops - Monki, HK
Skirt - H&M

the Fun you've made sometimes hurts. but life's like this. hurt.

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