Sunday, November 23, 2014

What am i doing?

Well, the title said it all.

As you know, i'm pretty busy these couple weeks, and i'm trying best to update my blog at least once a week to keep it fresh and of course 'alive'. lol Things i've been working on are

1. Tests

Ya all know that we tend to study at the eleventh hour when we were still a kid or prob high school. however, your thought would change once you stepped into Uni/College. I'm not saying that everyone would do so. but, apparently, friends around me, they are like that, HARDWORKING. Yes, you might think that it's alright to refuse completing the tutorials/assignments given.


but then when the test is just around the corner, don't get panic like ants on the hot pot! well, it just a test right? lol! self-convincing. And hell yeah, that's the thing i do the most, studying and doing tutorials.

2. Part Timer

I'm a weekends part-timer. I work as a barista and waitress somewhere at Kajang. It's fun to work right there plus it helps to release some of my stress. you know, by speaking to my colleague, sharing, eat, drink, communicate with customers, making coffees and drinks... yeah, that's basically what i'm doing when working.

3. Events

I think we are the first batch who ever did this in one of our module called 'study skills'. those previous batches did presentation instead of organising an event. My group was busy looking for sponsors during the planning. and luckily it was pretty smooth. Thanks to the sponsors! if it's not them, i don't think our event would be that smooth. well, it havent started yet. it will be held on next thursday which is 27/11/14. It's about environment and wildlife, reminding the world and creating awareness to conserve and preserve our mother nature.

I'm sure you don't want our earth to be like this right?

I have to attend meetings, classes and also looking for foods for the event as i'm from food team. The great thing about out event is the lucky draw. we have iPad mini for the lucky winner in lucky draw session! so cool right?


4. Outing and dinner with friends

when i say friends, that included colleagues and classmates and also ex-classmates. I'm a human, i still need time to distress myself. like how? self-entertained! maybe guitar, karaoke, dinner with friends! it makes the day goes fun and crazy! everyone knows how much i love foods! it's like human's best friend!!

5. Workout

workout at home or at gym is necessary to me. it helps me to look good, confident, distress myself and at the same time, more energetic although it's tired. i'll workout at least 30 mins in three days. that means, i need to exercise at least once in three days.

6. others...

i mean... others... talking, singing, shower, driving, selfie-ing, groufie-ing....blah^3.

Basically, those are what keep me busy all the time. lol! i know it doesn't seem really convincing, but ...whatever... lol!

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