Saturday, December 6, 2014


Hey guys, wonder what was i doing? lol! attending events and my last test before study weeks, ECM! ah! i hate computer methods! fuck! so this post will be a pictures post to me as I'm gonna make the photos speak. it tells you what I've been enjoying and what am i doing lately. lol! 

 awww... sleeping like a baby... 

 Back to old school!

 Oculus thrift

[ Denim outer X HM's tops&skirt ]

These all above were happened on last last thursday. well, you can see that i was having fun by taking selfies, eating and playing. hell yeah, can't deny that it was fun! First we had porridge as breakfast at Balakong. We actually planned to have Ba Kut Teh but came up eating porridge because it doesn't opened in the morning. lol! Next, we back to school to attend the one of the event call 'Oculus Thrift'. Honestly, it was pretty fun. The 'game' was more like 4D motion. in fact, you can move around by changing your position. You will feel like you are in the situation. super real! and then, we went for karaoke at 7. before that, two of my gang and me were waiting for the DRIVER to come as he said he will be coming after 10 mins. apparently, his 10 mins means our 30 mins. cool! Now, what will you do if you were me? I'll definitely selfie! see! it's normal guyssss lol! You guys were one of the criminal as well! you were in those pics! anyway, It was fun to piss my friends off! this is how bff does!!!

Let's welcome the craziness and... the jokers...

This happened on the past wednesday. we were having dinner again at Balakong. Bet you guys know where is it. it is located opposite road of jusco. hmmm... basically it's at the temple. Highly recommended cause their foods are super cheap and big in portion! yummehhh!

 Talented or Nott?

[ HM's top X studded pants ]

Attended talented show the day before yesterday which was thursday. was a fun night tho! get to see talented people showing off their talents! 

Things i often do when i'm working. mistakes always lead to creativity. Lol! Love the staffs and also the ambience there! Just so fun! selfie, fighting, teasing, arguing, making drinks, events, singing...

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