Monday, December 15, 2014

Just like this...

Here, I'm gonna share about my last week's life. well, I was pretty busy attending events at my uni and also friends. try keeping myself busy to update and upgrade myself. when i say upgrade, it means push myself to learn new things or proceed the things I've been pausing like guitar, doodling, blogging, exercising, skateboarding.....

So here comes the 'what-i've-done' on last week.  Apparently, It was the last week of our semester. I was pretty happy because we just have to sit for 4 papers for our sem one's final which is in January! so, literally i'm now on my study week. you know what i mean.

 Bubbleball!!! It was one of the events i had attended and it was one of the best among all of them! Never regret of playing it for RM15! I felt super exhausted and sweat a loth after playing it! Don't underestimate the ball, it is heavy and felt suffocating once you get yourself inside the big ball! lol you can easily be fainted just by standing in the ball! do you get it?

They say i have serious black circles! ahh! thats no good for girls! 

And then, i got back to work straight after i had attended the bubbleball event since i was free. no lie that i was super exhausted after the bubble ball game. It was a futsal competition but just running with a rubber ball on you. try imagine how fun is it by adding repulsion force in the game! well, you can add or follow them on their Facebook to know more! 

 Teppanyaki as our lunch before shopping. for me, thats window shopping.

My friends and I went to IOI city mall where located at Putrajaya on last Monday to buy some clothes for the Masquerade night event. we spent almost 2 hours or more at H&M and another 1 at Padini! Crazy right? I tried three apparel i liked the most and i wanted to buy them super bad but i didn't anyway for saving's sake! AHH! so nice!

Selfie before heading to UNI for Masquerade Night!

 Group photo!
All i have to say that the event was ended so quickly and we were there only like an hour! Anyways, it was ok as we were late half an hour. :) cool event tho...

Tops - Versace 
Skirt - H&M
Heels - H&M
Bag - Mango

Hello, civil engineers.

The team! 

We were participating treasure hunt at our uni which was one of the events also. I was pretty frustrated as the clue wasn't clear enough. and we had to walk from 12-5.30 without eating ! that was super suxxx! plus it was like one day trip at UNI! fucken far and tired!!! However, it strengthen the relationship between the teammates and also working together :) Last, we got 5th place out of 8!!! congrats! you guys did a great job! 

 This was John's work! Let's welcome Le moon's signature drink - Chocolate Freddo! in case you didn't know, 'freddo' means cold but without ice. It's like a chocolate milk kinda drink. taste very nice and it comes in big portion!! taste guaranteed! lol! you can kindly visit their page on Facebook as well for more info!

That was what i've been doing when working-- dooling on the cake boxes'! You can come and grab it if you're interested! It's limited edition and free hand drawings! *t&c applied   lol

SELFIE TIME! again...

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