Thursday, March 29, 2012

In the middle of the night...

Promise myself that no matter what, I have to stay strong. And this is the last week I can still doing this. No more next time!

I force them out in the night to calm myself down. I swear I've been trying very hard to do the searching, but now I guess its time for me to give up. Cause its pointless. I've got tired of asking, pleasing, waiting and expecting. Really. Sigh... How good if I didn't shifted...

My life now is SUCK! This post probably would be the hardest post I've ever written!

School. Two more years to go. I should be study hard. Cause I know ill be working after my school's life ended.  So appreciate it.

I'm telling you that i will stop putting my efforts on those damn annoying stuff anymore! They're worthless. They don't deserve my thoughts. And they about to ruin my life , too, if I keep letting them to stay in my mind. Then why I have to treat myself that bad? So don't stress, do my best, and forget the rest.

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