Thursday, March 22, 2012


trust no man, fear no bitch.

feels like my tears are bursting out. no words can explain how i feel right now. time flies, people change. however , somebody doesn't.

it is hard to get use in a whole new environment, new friends and new school. at first, i thought it'd be no big deal for me but then i realized it's tough. and it's harder than how i thought. i know i know. i'm such a useless person. i even feel like shifting back to my old school. cause i'll be more comfortable studying at there. but what to do? like one of my bf told me, " it's going to be tough at first de. just like Elaine. no one can get use to new things so quickly. you've already changed to there. you have to learn to accept your new school or how you going to be happy? there's no perfect school in this world. don't just see their imperfections. " boon, thanks for your POWER man! i feel stronger! haha! I'll try my best of the best la!

get to know you all is the best thing i ever had! thanks god for giving me such a great gift! i'll appreciate it! and i love'em so badly! 

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