Saturday, April 9, 2011


he is sensible and so gorgeous. 
i love him.
i got his phone number with fearless.
we're in love after that.
our love begins with laughter and all my single friends are jealous. 
but after some times, i figure it out we're no longer happy.
and then we broke up with some argue.

it suddenly turns out freedom ain't nothin' but missing you.
i can't forgot bout' what you had did to me. it's so tough!
i suck it up all the time, you know?
you don't know what i feel. don't know everything. 
and you don't understand me actually.
i feel like crying now...

i purposely ignored what you said. tryin' ma best.
i don't know what am i suppose to answer as you ask me "who you love?" or "you love me?" or whatever.
i should've said NO!
but i'm not a good liar. unfortunately.

anyway, you left me somethin' bad.
you this moron!

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