Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm So Stupid In Love

Our love is gone. Broke , done , yea.

"who do you think you are?? huh? just keep on and off just because sick of me? "
"you this jerk, moron, idiot, bitch!!!! I hate you!!! it's that good by fooling  a person around?"

I'm totally crazy! I on this entire day like a fool just for HIM! But he keep on on and off! I can't tahan anymore. So i decide not to talk to him, forget about him. And I can't be like this anymore. I should stop! I know I could do it! I will delete all those stuff that about him! Message, phone number, things that he gave...everything! And I did it! I threw those what he gave, deleted his phone number and message... 

I love my best friends. One of them very concern about me. She even afraid of me! She afraid I would feel regret after making this freaking damn decision! But my dear friend, I won't be regret. Don't need to be worry. You will support me right?

Now I really won't accept him. Despite I still loving him. Never ever!


*Attention: I'm ain't a three years old kid anymore, I can settle things by my own self!!

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