Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Missing it.

Uni life is begin soon. pretty excited although knowing that it's gonna be boring and tiring. Turning into a part timer this week. Spend almost 7 months at Le Moon's to earn some money while waiting my foundation to start. Was quite sad actually as I've left so many things there. not really an object. ya you know, feelings... watching the staffs leaving one by one and now it's my turn. well I'm not 100% leaving, still a PART TIMER. just spending lesser time right there. will be a lil bored after that. 

here's SOME photos to show how we love and enjoy working as one of the FOH. loll! #selfies 

that was actually taken before DIDI left. We used to work as a team. we are like family or sister i assumed. haha. always calling each other "sapo". which they don't know who I'm actually calling. yip. #badinfluence i get you. 

Btw, this post is also dedicated for Chenxi. (the guy who is wearing specs and rounder face) Few days ago was his birthday. Don't know what to say but still, "HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY UNCLE!" I owe you one cafe latte bro. 

Was having a great time with the crew. fighting so hard in a war, eat, drink, selfie, serve, play, hangout together..... very appreciate what they've done. thanks so much! not just didi and chenxi, others as well! exp: the sweetest couple from le moon's, JUSTIN and EUNICE! you can easily spoy them in the pic above. too sweet! >.<

as the time past, our business is getting way more better than before. rarely would have such free and precious time to enjoy// taking tons of selfies at le moon's anymore. The turnover rate in F&B industry is very high and thats why people tend to quit and enter most of the time. and it's hard for me to say goodbye and watch them waving while turning their back. Sad moment. :(

Anyway, Wish we'll have more Hellos instead of Goodbyes. 

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