Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Spent almost half of the year to work. since we are earning money my Sister and I decided to bring my grandparents along to have lunch together. As they are pretty old, they can't really take FRESH and NEW foods. i mean those teenager's food lah.

Anyway, we chosen a nyonya restaurant to spend our precious moment with them. 

"Limablas is Mesui’s representation of the quasi-Malaccan shop house. The Nyonya restaurant’s nooks, corners and middles are filled to the seams with old typewriters, dirty sacks, spice jars, rickety tables, ornate signboards, vintage posters, a rusty bicycle and incidentally, a lazy, dim hue."

People say they are cute. well, they are. cute and sweet couple i can say so. haha. they always argue and so i guess maybe this is why people think they are cute. 

Hi there! He is my grandpa. 


Menu. Lunch meal will be started from12.00pm to 3.00pm.

She's my grandma. she likes to sing. She sings the same songs over and over again since i was a kid. and basically we all know the songs. we will sing along too! well most of them are old and kindergarden songs.

Adam Pongteh and Curry Chicken lunch set (RM9.90)

Nyonya Fried Beehoon (RM 9.90)
Very big in portion. couldn't finish all of it. had 2/3 only. Lovely place, nice food and affordable!

sorry for the nasty pic. that's curry chicken. very nyonya style! Found that some nyonya restaurants' food didn't taste much like nyonya which is quite disappointed. however, i could taste the taste of nyonya at Lima Blas. My grandparents also compliment the foods there are nice and affordable. so, a BIG LIKE for them!

Find it :

Lima Blas

15, Jalan Mesui, Off Jalan Nagasari
Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur

03 - 21101289

Mon - Sun : 11am - 11midnight

Selfie time!

Old folks need concern. Care and accompany them more often. basically, they satisfy easily. by just a simple call or text would make their days. Well honestly, i won't call them everyday but sometimes. lol. AND try not to ignore them lah. respect them. love them. tell them a small joke...

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