Wednesday, July 16, 2014

mental breakdown 2

forced myself from not doing so. but i did it anyway. it's way too tough i guess.

that's what uni life called right?

a short quick post here. not really considered it as quick but this post is gonna be the small little thoughts and feelings from the bottom of my heart.

my uni life has started since last monday. it was pretty smooth at first although i didn't get to know some friends. was pretty sad when i was the only one who sat in A column. well i won't blame others. cause it was my choice to be more sociable and friendly. Basically, i am sitting for the 'rapid' class. which means we are using about 3 months to finished a semester. all i can say is "cool" "wow! thats quick!" plus we've got no break after the first semester. Honestly, there's 2 days of 'leaves' as our seem break but i don't think we could REALLY enjoy two days of stem break! thats suxx i know.

My uni life was pretty smooth in first of the week. however, i get very really frustrated and stressed in  the sec. which is NOW. i'm totally clueless about the chapter we've learnt and no any ideas of how to solve the questions! I'm the person who's hard to understands and digests  some "thing". i need around 15 mins to complete one simple question that from chapter one. 

Maybe i'm too stupid and slow for that. i guess... honestly, i am!

in case you guys are wondering which course i'm taking. i'm studying foundation in engineering. I know its going to be hard. but it's just the beginning, and i've already so "give-up" on it. theres something even harder and tougher are waiting for me to understand, digest and learn. if i couldn't solve it now, i'll prob commit suicide or mental breakdown soon. lol just kid. 

i won't be suicided. lots of things to be done. and i want to make my dreams come true before i die in peace. if i can't take it then don't take it lah. simple. theres lots of ways to solve it i believe. 

Im feeling much more better. aint lying.

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