Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hatyai Trip!

I almost forgot to post about the Hatyai trip on last last Saturday. We went there for food, shopping and marathon. alright although we just stayed there for 2 days 1 night, but it was enough to make my day and create those unforgettable memories with my lovely family as they're quite busy for their work. while we dont have much time to visit our grandpa & grandma so often. well, i guess its time to let the picture speaks.

Checking in...
Thailand's flag!
you must try this friend rice at there!!! super nice! i've been to this restaurant since i was a kid!
their Tu-Tu
Tesco Lutos is our Tesco
Coconut ice-cream! <3
Thailand BBQ. it costs only 90Baht per person!!!
My family members. love them so much!
Our hotel. not bad but a bit of too 'old'.

We got so tired despite Hatyai is small. really! We can't stop eating and shopping! plus it's my first-time-ever run in Thailand! their scenery of the university is quite nice and breathtaking though.  unfortunately, i couldn't get to take picture for the marathon. I love their breakfast after the run! super nice and delicious i tell you! I'm gonna take part again next year!

ohhhhh i'm craving for their foods! Thai foods are nice and like spicy! i admit that i like spicy foods so muchhhh! cause they are like RED in colour and it stimulates your tougue, ear, nose.... haha! i'm starving now. gotta cook myself some foods... so bye! I'm so gonna miss Hatyai!

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