Friday, August 17, 2012

Biore's cleansing milk

Today I'm going to blog about a skin care product, Biore which i bought in Thailand. I do think this product is simple, easy, not troblesome and deep-cleansing.

Cleansing milks are moisturizing facial cleansers, It designed specifically for normal, sensitive or dry skin. Cleansing milks look like a lightweight, thin cream, but do not foam when applied to the skin. While these cleansers will remove dirt, grime and cosmetics, they will not strip the oils from the skin and may contain moisturizing emollient ingredients.

Biore's cleansing milk has multi-remover recipe, it can penetrate the pores and dissolution lasting make-up and dirt, even if the make-up in the fine lines can also be removed! It is a washable remover. You can feel the refreshing sense of ventilation continued from massaging the remover until after the remover, bringing the comfort of the skin supple, not tight. It's the skin-friendly formulations of weak acid remover, make your skin gentle and clean. Apply it before your face washhere's the way to use it:

1. pin up your fringe or tie up your hair so that your hair wont kena the cleansing milk.

2. Take right amount of cleansing milk by pressing 2-3 times onto your palm. (mildly mildly)

3. Apply it onto your face separately. (forehead, nose, cheek side)

4. Then gently massage the remover so that dirty stuffs can remove from pores and deep-cleansing.

5. Lastly, wash it with lukewarm water instead of soft cotton.

Honestly, it's really important to apply or cleans your face daily and so i do think cleansing milk does lots of work in keeping my face clean. it makes me feel cleanX2 after that. i mean super clean. Concealer, eye-shadow, BB cream, dusts...every dirty stuff that clogged the pores must be removed so it won't become acne easily.

Well, it's not that hard to have a healthy, clear and clean face! :D

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