Tuesday, August 28, 2012


sorry for not updating for almost a week because i was busy studying for test 2. i put more effort on it compare to last test.  so i'm pretty satisfied with the marks although i failed one sub.

i've been in love with Joe Chen recently. her movies, dramas, interview... she's just too gorgeous and pro in acting especially sad scene! her tears are like out of control! people will cry when they saw her crying. and so i do. now, i highly recommended you of her new micro-movie called 《末日來電-勇敢愛》

it just only a few minutes to watch this micro-movie. i didn't know what was micro-movie at first, in fact, i thought it takes 2 hours to finish the movie. hahahaha guess i was wrong! :P

this micro-movie is actually for the Chinese V-Day which falls on 23rd of August. it encourages humans to be fearless in love + don't be shy to show your love! of course, do search about it on Youtube! this is just the trailer.

让爱可能,让梦发生. <3

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