Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Chinese Valentine's Day!

Happy Chinese Valentine's Day to you! i didn't know much about chinese  valentine's day actually. but apparently, Qi Xi (Chinese Valentine's Day) is came from a tale. A tale about Niu Lang(the cow-herder) and Zhi Nv(the weaver). "With the help of the cowhide, Niu Lang was able to follow Zhi Nu into heaven. He was about to reach his wife when the Queen showed up and pulled off her hairpin to draw a line between the two. The line became the Silver River in heaven, or the Milky Way. Zhi Nu went back to the heavenly workshop, going on weaving the clouds. But she was so sad, and missed her husband across the Silver River so much that the clouds she weaved seemed sad. Finally, the Queen showed a little mercy, allowing the couple to meet once every year on the Silver River." They are star-crossed lovers now fated to meet only once a year on a bridge of magpies across the sky. And it's celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th month on the Chinese calendar every year. So that means, Qi Xi falls on August 23, today, in 2012! that's so incredible! plus i don't even know today is actually Chinese V-Day until i saw people posting and wishing on weibo. cool right?

Btw, I'm going to Melaka tomorrow! so what to recommend? foods, places, games and shopping? I'm so excited! can't even sleep! hopefully i won't mess the trip up. pray hardddd

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