Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's Merry Christmas!!!

to you!!! and do remember,

promise me. alright?

Wow! what a good SPEECH! I bet you will like wth, that's all? oh man, am i just wasting my time, reading your stupid little bullshit? nae, just kidding! hoho. I knew you. so... don't blame me! cause i really got no idea what should i post on today. and since it's Christmas, i just care about what should i wear and where should i celebrate it. Hoho. I guess i would be very busy(like a bee) hanging out with my gorgeous and pretty little MILLIONAIRES this few days. BUT THE FACT IS, i ain't got $$. ya, I'm serious. Your mind probably just creep in did you just said you're working last last last...last week? are you GILA, SIAO or SOT? omg! don't try to tell me you'd already spent all! didn't you? girl, it's time to grow up. don't shopping anymore. if you want it so desperately, just cover your eyes with a black clothe. then you may be blind for a few minutes or even an hour(if you're a hero). after that, you will be so thankful that your hands didn't full of plastic bags or paper bags or whatever.(that's ma secret weapon! follow my steps! it's so USEFUL) now it's almost 1.30AM, and that means, it's time for me to go to my big and as comfortable as a "TAUFU" bed. so...oh wait! (good night or good morning actually??) fine! got no time to care that much. GOOD NIGHT n GOOD MORNING to all of you. LAST! wish you a Merry Christmas and a early Happy New Year! hope you have a nice and wonderful day with your friends and family!                                                        :)))))))))))))))))))))) 

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