Monday, September 5, 2016

Yellow Brick Road

I've been planning of which cafe to go for my lil birthday celebration a few weeks before it. Was searching for the top cafes in order to satisfy my craves. I'm not a cafe person as student like me doesn't have enough income for it. (plus i'm super lazy) Some of the cafes serve pretty costly yet so-so food which explains why I often do research before dropping by a cafe.

So here we were, Yellow Brick Road Cafe. Few of my friends recommend me here as i requested something affordable and delicious. I actually free on every monday cause i dont have to work, but FYI, most of the cafes closed on monday, that's sux! So, this is one of the reasons why i chosen here.

cozy ambience and nice interior design. never thought it could be that crowded tho! But the foods arrived just in time which is quite unbelievable!

RM 11

Boyfie ordered it cause he couldn't have something cold due to some conditions. Not really pro in tasting coffee but it tastes perfect for me! as long as it't not too bitter. lol

rating | 7/10

Popcorn Float
RM 16

If you're looking for something cool and sweet, i'll def recommend you to try this as the combination of root beer, salted caramel ice-cream, popcorn and butterscoth sauce are flawless!!! Never thought they were so perfect together tho. However, there's a one small reminder, the popcorn will not be that crunchy after soaking in it for too long. So, best to enjoy the popcorn ASAP. 

rating | 8/10

Big Breakfast
RM 30

I believe this must be the must-try and signature dish in Yellow Brick Road cause my colleague strongly recommends me to try it especially their beef bacon and mushrooms! I chosen scrambled egg, beef bacon and beef sausage for my big breakfast. Would advise to share it with your friends or family cause the portion is super huge that even a guy can BARELY finish it (i guess). Luckily WE were able to finish it cause we were super fungry as we skipped breakfast that day. One more thing, this dish taste slightly light than i expected cause I'm a person who prefer stronger flavour. So, you might need to do seasoning yourself in order to reach your satisfaction. This is def not anyone's fault since everyone has different taste buds. lol

rating | 7/10

Seafood Tepanade Spaghetti

Had no idea what was it on the menu at first, all we knew that it was about seafood and so we ordered it cause we both LOVELOVELOVELOVE seafood so much! It taste a lil bit like pesto but it is NOT. Google says it is a Provencal dish consisting finely chopped olives, capers, anchovies and olive oil which is same as their explanation on menu. Well, it taste not bad for me, would recommend this to someone who wants something different other than red and white sauce. The seafood is fresh and cooked well...everything is perfect.

rating | 8/10


Yellow Brick Road
8-7, Jalan Batai
Kuala Lumpur 50490

Mon-Sun: 0900 - 2200
(Kitchen closes from 1600-1800)

Phone: 03-5481 5033

Facebook: Yellow Brick Road


Bomber jacket | Bershka
Black dress | Forever 21
Kicks | Adidas Originals Superstar

Last but not least, Happy Belated Birthday to me, myself and I!
Hope you enjoyed it! xoxo

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