Monday, August 22, 2016

2D1N Malacca trip that you can copy?

Had a short getaway with boyfie's family to Malacca for 2 days 1 night. It was actually the third time i have been there and purposely go there just for food hunting. I may look tiny, but i have big appetite, i think. FYI, I'm on my summer break right now and i can barely have good rest since final exam is over. except for monday? So i decided to join them while i can still relax and take a short break. Wanna know what i've done and eaten? scroll the page down!

#Tanka Kopitiam

Tanka Kopitiam is known for their homemade fishballs. We had it for 2 days as lunch continuously, like seriously. It is quite similar to one of the hakka cuisine called "Zha Liu", but comes with freshly made noodles. You can either have the noodles in soup or dry style too! it's up to you, but i prefer the soup one! 

 5, Jalan Kota Laksama 1/2 & Taman Kota Laksamana, Sekyen 1
017 7141398

#Tian Hup Seng

Got a box nyonya pineapple tarts for mom since she loves it so much. (thank you aunt!) Being told it's famous in Malacca. 

#Mamee Jonker House 

boyfie's cousins. adorable!

You can literally find anything about Mamee here! It's one of my fav brand of snacks too! In love with their interior design!

#Taste Better

I'm sure you've heard of durian puff before if you're a big fan of durian just like me! I've been loving durian since i was still a kid, love the way it smells and taste although people say it is horrible! i will still love it like how i love the people around me. heh. In case you don't know, they have expanded their business countrywide. TasteBetter can be found in Sunway Pyramid, Setia City Mall and so on! Fret not! They do offer yogurt puff too if you're not a durian lover. Here comes the exciting part, you're encourage to swallow WHOLE puff into your mouth, no biting! Trust me, it tastes like heaven when it exploded!!! 

#Lao Qian Ice Cafe

Their durian cendol is a must try dessert, especially in such hot and humid weather! But sadly i'm not a fan of cendol. don't ask me why. 

# San Shu Gong

It is a local delicacy shop located in Jonker Street. I believe they are famous for their black coffee as it went sold out the next day we came back. I'm being super serious! The staffs were like busy placing the white coffee on display but the slot for black coffee was empty!!! Being told it is a must-buy "souvenir" from Malacca as well. 

enjoying durian and yogurt puff 

#Putu Piring Melaka

Super famous in Melacca! You can tell just by the length of the queue before it even opened for business! We reached there around 5.45pm although it is open at 6pm. The queue turned to be crazy long just in 15 mins of time! We took away 20 pieces at once since there are 12 of us total all. It was super delicious and soft overall! The scent and taste of the Malacca sugar they used are so perfect!!! dayummm! makes me wanna fly to Malacca just for it now!

252, Jalan Tengkera
06 2821505

Monday - Saturday : 1800 - 2200
Sunday : Closed

Had a birthday celebration in hotel after dinner at one of the local food court. 

#Malaysia 13 States Coffees

Tried it once in last year. Thirteen states of coffees are their speciality and they are all without milk, similar like black coffee. It offers 13 different coffees that represent each states in Malaysia. Def a must try cafe in Malacca for you to get to know more about Malaysia!

Anyway, I will try hard to accept the taste of black coffee as they have stronger bitter taste which i dislike. not theirs but every black coffee.

What to do in Malacca : Eat and snap photos 
What to eat in Malacca : Everything!!!

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