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Life with braces #1 consultation & tooth extraction

Hello my fellow readers! Finally have the mood to blog after hundreds of years! To be honest, i've been feeling inferior when speaking of beauty. I don't look exactly like those selfie posted on social media and of course I never even think i'm pretty for you, I aint got no big and innocent eyes, obvious chin or tall nose bridge. If you do follow me on any social medias, you know that i barely laugh or showing off my teeth. This is mainly because i have "monkey or barbarian mouth" hence i look nearly like a duck face every single seconds. I got laughed by people saying that i'm a "fish with a sharp mouth" when i was still a primary student as my mouth can hardly be closed. I was super down and almost cried when got teased on a van that time!

I wasn't really care about my appearance when i was still a kid but as time goes by, i slowly realized that i have bucktooth. I dislike the fact that i have a monkey appearance somehow.

The thoughts of getting braces happens often in these two years which i kept questioning myself if it is a must to put it on. Doing researches, reading blogs and listening to someone who has been around the block...I done almost everything. From what i've studied, the teeth profile of mine is said to be OVERBITE which the upper part teeth projects over the lower teeth. For better understanding, let these images do the talking. 

Bite types

There are several occlusions(bites) which you can refer to the pictures above. As you can see, every single teeth profiles bring out different kind of face profiles somemore can cause premature wear of teeth if it's not treated well. 

Actual appearance 

pretty normal


successfully closed my mouth after few minutes of struggle


side view

thanks, my friend!

I've been longing to put on braces since i was 15. Unfortunately, I got no income to afford it. Don't ask me why, cause i was way too young to work to save that much money yet my parents did not encourage. Plus, it was nearly impossible to save thousands of ringgit by then as allowance i received wasn't that high. (I still need food. like seriously. i'm always hungry lolll)

The fact of my teeth profile has bothered me for years! Finally, i made a decision after millions of consideration. I asked friends around me and did surveys from few dental clinics in Kajang. One of the dentist who sadly only offers invisalign recommended me two professional dentists and one of them is at Kajang as I asked for a nearer one. He also advise me to not simply pick clinics that offer cheap orthodontic cause most of them are lack of experience. Of course, it freaked me out a lil when i heard that. 

Dental Clinic

After all the crazy stuffs, I decided to go for


I chosen Clinic Dr. Wong ML because:
1. she is a specialist
2. reasonable price
3. gentle and not scary at all.
4. clean and comfy
5. nearby my house
6. recommended by another dentist i consulted

Why do i chose to put on NOW instead of later?
1. i can't stand it anymore
2. it's the most suitable time to work and earn THAT much money
3. less burden
4. so the HARDER time could end earlier
5. before the market price gets more expensive
6. i could have pretty teeth sooner!

This is one of the clinics during the survey and also the one being recommended by one of the dentist i consulted. During the first "meeting" (before making up my mind) she explained my teeth profile, how braces will fix them and how long it will takes by providing free dental checkup. From what i know, the dentist, Dr. Wong is a specialist who has few years of experience in this industry. I feel so relieved to "hand over" my teeth to her!!


Just look how simple and comfy the clinic is although it is quite small. Posters and mags about dental stuff are almost everywhere. 

Sister was asking about her teeth profile and braces.


Now this was actually the SECOND time i met Dr. Wong and surprisingly she remembered me!! (i told her i will be back after take it into consideration) Basically I have already made up my mind of which kind of braces to get. But before anything else, the "nurse" briefed me throughout the whole process from tooth extraction to retainer to make sure i'm clear that what i'm gonna go thru. The first procedure is to take an X-ray and study models of my teeth profile. However, Dr.Wong only provide services for orthodontics only. So it means, X-ray and tooth removal have to be done at somewhere else.

1. Study model & X-ray
price | RM300

Fyi, the purposes of study model and x-ray are to let your dentist knows which tooth is supposed to be extracted and how to fix your teeth profile.

Just as what i've mentioned, Dr. Wong only provides braces service. Fret not! There's another dental clinic that just located downstairs of Dr. Wong's! which means i could do tooth extraction, X-ray and filling all at one place!!! how convenient is it! I straight took X-ray and study models after those explanation cause i really cannot wait to be pretty although still have a long way to go.

2. Separators 

Dr. Wong put on separators (the blue thingy) between my teeth so that it will have enough space to insert molar bands during band fitting appointment. One of my back teeth was super tight till she gave up applying it. In fact, she successfully put it on during next appointment before second time of tooth extraction. The feeling was weird at first as you kept thinking there's food stuck between your teeth. However i got used to it after that and even used my tongue to tease it. lol.

3. Tooth extraction
price | approx. RM500

I got total 4 tooths to be extracted and being separated into two days. I had about a week of rest between the extractions which i think it's the suitable duration for the wound to heal. The process was quite scary as i'm afraid of pain but i kept convincing myself that it's worth it! And i...did it! I survived after those lip injections and loss of blood! I could hardly close my mouth after that, not even gargling/swallowing salivas! lmao! My boyfriend was there for me the whole time and he couldn't resist himself from laughing when he saw my saliva kept dripping out uncontrollably! He is so bad!

Anyway, i'm so grateful that he was there supporting me no matter what. I will still thank him for helping me to change the cottons, brought me water and took me to eat porridge although he had those delicious foods in front of me. Nevertheless, I had porridge during the toothless period and that was sucks!

psps: I have a hack that might be worked on you: try to cough before the injections. it helps to reduce the pain as the blood pressure goes high when coughing! ( some people shared it on FB ) Well, i have both ways and the hack really did help!!! the pain you feel will be slightly low when you cough! Don't be afraid when getting injections, give it a try!!!

Phone : 03-87378806

Address: 10A, First Floor, Jln Jeloh 3,
                                 Off Jln Bukit, Kajang, 43000 Selangor.

*prices above are subject to change without notice

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