Sunday, January 22, 2012


hmm... what should i pose? *trying SO HARD to dig something out of my mind*

oh yeah~ i found ya! MIAOOOO~

to be honest, i hate my phone. i mean blackberry. it is so hard to use it. i have no idea how to download the Whatsapp or even change the email address. so f*cking complicated! plus, im going to spend my cny without a new sneakers. CONVERSE. i've searched them up and down but still can't find the size that suits me. and i was like " WHAT?! i've been looking for YOU since last month. now you told me you are OUT OF STOCK? darn it! " do you know how annoying is it if you can't get something you wanted so badly. however, all you did was let me down. 

btw, happy chinese new year to all of you! wishing you twelve months of happiness and prosperity--a lot of both! do what you want, eat whatever you want and drink whatever you want. but promise me, don't get sick during your wonderful holiday. like what boon said, drink more water, eat more fruits and do more exercises, remember! haha :DD

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