Friday, January 27, 2012

fretful mi...

i want a creeper shoes so desperately!!!
but it's just too FEW in malaysia. i can't find the type i want. yup. LAME. feel like going out everyday. however, none of my friends are FREE. some busy getting their ANGPAO,  and some not in here. my life would be better  if my sister was here. RIGHT NOW.

today is friday right? (don't really remember the dates and the days. CONFUSED.) thought of shopping with one of my friends, but she did not replied my message. so... called off. there's the only way to solve it.

have a DATE with my peeps AGAIN on this saturday at music zone. i'm so freaking upset that my father is attending a dinner at 8pm in PENANG while i will be back at 5.30pm. now, that's the point! it's IMPOSSIBLE we DRIVE 2 and a 1/2 hours to our hometown. am i right? 20-4.30=15.30. so that means i should go back at 3.15pm? (15 mins for the lrt) GREAT! kt sure will smack or punch me once we met. DAMN IT! and of course, everyone's gonna hate me for the FFG. then what's the point i went back here all the way from penang and doing nothing in here? well, i rather playing monopoly deal with my UNDER AGED cousins than doing housework in KL. thought that i could make it on this saturday... but now? sigh...  i'll chose to stay in penang if i knew i won't showed up on this  DATE. SHIT!

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