Sunday, July 24, 2011

It is hard to avoid!

something's stuck in my head, and i got no idea what is that! do you know how terrible is it? gahh! i can't completely explain through writing. that's suck! SOOOO SUCK!

tears are rushing out! and i can't even stop them! I'M SO USELESS!

my world turns upside down since you came into my life. i need some times to fix it right. i tried hard to gave what you wanted. i gave up my happiness just to see you smile somehow. sounds hilarious right? you know, sometimes i just walked away intentionally, and ignored it when someone mention about you. i can't exactly face you 'till now, just because i pissed you off. before i pissed off from your life, i would like to apologize to you that I'm so sorry for what i did to you. in the meantime, i sincerely hope you have forgiven me for any amount of pain or harm i might have caused you earlier.

and yeah, i know. my life is complicated.

don't be perasan, alright?
i'm not talking 'bout you, obviously.
i'm just crapping.

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