Saturday, July 30, 2011

Do you agree with that?

yup. I agree with that. According to me, it's totally weird and also complicated. I don't like to be complicated. It makes people confused. Hence, MAD, too! I'm trying hard to resist from being like that. However, don't believe me, cause I'm a dilettante. dimwitted sammi.

Gahhh! Trial's coming! Need to keep studystudySTUDYstudystudy!!! Besides that, I got to stay home with my annoying sister on next Saturday, Sunday and Monday ALONE due to some special reasons. *crying*  Do you guys know why? The answer was: cause I need to face the f*#king exam! *smashing the table* That's why I can't taste fried rice, tom-yam, pineapple... sighhhh... 

Look! I sanggup berkorban for the History exam not like you all. :) Ohhh, I'm so proud of myself. -.-" So compliment me, people. ^o^

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