Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I probably scared you off with only this freaking selfie. LOL! 

Well, today i'm officially a part-timer! That job is pretty hard honestly. and i'm not kidding. My legs are freaking painful right now. Although the job is quite stressful and tired, but, i can always have fun when i'm brewing a coffee or serving the customers. lol! my AM is kinda hilarious and tiny like me, while, the BOSS is super nice and such a wonder-woman. 

hmmm…is that sounds too much?

Anyway, really enjoy spending my time over there. hahahahahahah! that's why i love the AWESOME job and i seriously love being at there! I'm super thankful that they give me the opportunity to work at LeMoon's. Thankssssss like sooooo sooooo muchhhhhh!!! :D

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