Friday, May 25, 2012

Proud of me

screwed up my chemistry! i got no idea how to do! everyone was busy solving and doing those questions while i was just sitting and lying there doing NOTHING! sigh... the hardest paper ever!

it was P.Sivik after chemistry paper. we all cheated during the exam. but i didn't do so. just asking for two answers only. and the teacher was like don't care at all! however, she just keep yelling "jangan bercakap" "shhhhh!"... lol! i actually studied for sivik and pjk. so i can say that Sivik and PJK were the papers i knew the much plus completely answered. even the 2nd-placed student, who was sitting right behind me, asked me what's the answer! well, i'm not trying to show off. i'm just too happy to end up the exam with happiness. :)

tomorrow's the day! i've been waiting for it to come! it's time for me to ROCK!!!


  1. Never say never... hahaha... It's ok one, study hard next time larr.. =D