Monday, May 21, 2012

Exam week

four more days to go and i'll be off to camp! hooray! i'm so super duper EXCITED! i cant really stand the excitement during the exam fever. well,  if you felt the way i feel, I bet you'd be in as lazy as i am. Cause you will be worrying what to wear, what to bring while you're sitting for your exam. I admit I had screwed up my mid-term exam but i wont be crying for THAT as long as I'm still here. sometimes, you've got to know how to express your feeling. not thru your nerve or hurt yourself but cry (for women). this is how I express MYSELF lah. sigh. now i dont know i should tuition or not. will get in or out from the tuition center make people feel sick? to be honest, i never tuition before. never. i think i can handle those subjects since I've been doing this for 9 years. but, I'm just way too LAZY. lolll. can't blame me.

One day my patience will run out, and i will punch you in the face. Very, VERY HARD.  beware!