Wednesday, September 16, 2015


It's been awhile ay?

Been on my holiday mood for almost 4 months long. 
I'll be officially a first year student starting from next week. ahhh how exciting it is! Honestly, i was busy working and also some private stuff, you know.
There were few lessons i learnt during this long break. I felt disappointed yet relieved at the same time. 
I wake up telling myself 

"It's a new day, new life, new me!"

although i do feel lazy and not stoked sometimes.

Well, i sincerely hope everything can be just fine and smooth in this brand new year (my first year in uni) oh ya! with a lil craziness in it. 

Here are few pictures that ive taken during my summer break.


 Used to be a office lady for two months. It was tough.

 Girls talk.

 My 19th Birthday celebration with them.

Brushing up my latte arts 

 He was off to Taiwan for about a week.

 Mom's birthday.

 Being a part timer.


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