Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Appetiser of my journey

For those who following me on instagram or fb prob knew i travelled to hong kong few weeks ago. Yip. not kiddin' i was in Hong Kong with my sister for one week. I bet you guys were wondering why it was just my sister and i. and hell yeah it was our FIRST TIME EVER overseas without financial support from family.

It was tough cause it costed us about 5.6K in one week. i didnt consider that much when my sister was about to book the flight ticket. i just said YES! and thinking it would be super rad to go for a vacation with just my sister!!!! 

Somehow i feel blessed and thankful for the supportive from family. and luckily my sister's bestie was there with us too. or else we couldn't had our day so funny, sweet, fun, amazing, packed, playful ...... had great moment in hong kong. 

 Tsim Sha Tsui

I felt super proud of being that brave and independent. never thought that i could travel like that in such a young age! Travel all around the world would be everyone's dreams i bet. and now I'm taking the first step which i get closer to my dreams. 

 Victoria peak.

Ive learnt the importance of money in reality in hk. Plus, I've realised how much sacrifices are needed to make in order to achieve a goal. 

lets make it simple. I sacrifice my social life with work. If i work, i got paid. "Work hard and play hard", i agree with that. But how you gonna enjoy or play without money? i know it seems like money is omnipotent. hell yeah, it is! in reality. However don't get blinded by money.  

 It is also dangerous to fly somewhere alone or without guidance i mean under 18 lah. But it's good to know from experience. Oh ya, and we traveled there without a tour group. so basically, we just travel there with maps and the researches we've done. i encourage people to do travel without tour cause you get more independent and it also make you unforgettable memories as you did that all by yourself. lol. I'm crapping again, forgive me. 

From my first experience, chose a cheaper/ lower cost living's places to be as your FIRST SELF TRIP. then you won't be that suffer. there's no rush. enjoy great moments by taking tons of photos and eat, play crazily! lol

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