Saturday, April 21, 2012

Smile :)

it's a monday morning. you can clearly see our class is newly painted. our english teacher, ??? had a speech which titled "smile" during the assembly. 

"smile, can lower our blood pressure and releases stress. furthermore, it can reduce the awkwardness. smile is the cheapest medicine. it makes us healthier and happier. JUST SMILE, everything will be alright! " that was what teacher told us.

I'm good at faking smile. sometimes, i smile to hide the pain inside. And so people won't see the tears in me. Isn't it's easy? No! 

Smile is as easy as ABC, even if babies know how to do so. But for me, a 16 years old teenager, it is getting harder and everyone knows how to fake a smile, like I do. Ever since I was shifted, that's my specialty.

I prefer sitting alone than a group nowadays. I don't like answering people's question or sharing my life. I turn to be so low and speechless. I wonder what would i be if I had depression... Sounds crazy right? haha!

I like daydreaming at school. I dream so much.... I dream I became popular, I was good in sports, I shifted back in a sudden, I knew guitar, I knew drum and etc... I dream about my friends the most. They are good. They've changed me into a wise, active and clever girl. I hate studying at school when I'm 13,because of their encouragement, i'm in love with it! 

Apparently, no one likes to study, do they? because their hardworkingness and self independent, fear crept into my mind all the time especially exam's around the corner. So i became rajin and "strong"! 

i used to hate bringing food to school also, but because of them, i enjoyed bringing snacks and food or sweets, and the serving is like for 6 people!! haha! cause i knew they would be super hungry when teacher was teaching.

they are my besties, my peeps, plus my BFF! they'd made me those unforgettable memories. thanks so much!

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